Watch people take selfies as they’re engulfed by Hurricane Irma in Key West

Don’t be these people.
Don’t be these people.
Image: Screenshot/YouTube
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Update 9/10/2017, 10:15 a.m. ET: The southernmost point livestream seems to have crashed, and no other reliable streams can be found. Roughly six hours of southernmost point buoy footage can be found here.

The most fascinating thing on the internet right now is a livestream of the continental United States’ southernmost point, located in Key West, Florida.

On a normal day you can see people taking selfies next to a big anchored concrete buoy in front of a placid ocean; today, as “the most catastrophic storm” in Florida’s history nears landfall, you can see people taking selfies near an increasingly violent ocean. Hopefully, better judgement will soon prevail among the denizens of Key West, and the livestream will transition to an interesting place to watch the sea level rise, hurting no one.

Let’s be clear: this is immensely dangerous and anyone in the area should immediately seek shelter. But, from safety, you may want to join the people in the YouTube Live Chat arguing whether the fence or the shed will be taken by Irma first.

Bonus: Enjoy this video of a guy getting hit by a wave.

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