The key to productivity is focusing on what matters

The key to productivity is focusing on what matters
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For small and medium-sized enterprises (“SMEs”) the decision about how to manage their IT can be a make-or-break one. Nine out of 10 small businesses say the cost of maintaining and upgrading tech is one of their biggest challenges. Yet it’s an issue every company eventually must face, due either to outdated machines or the business’s pace of growth. Executing this move poorly can result in the interruption of service and lost productivity—a hair-raising prospect for enterprises with tight margins.

A number of small businesses are finding it well worth their while to outsource IT management. Cinesite, an award-winning London-based digital entertainment studio, took that path. The company has created visual effects for numerous global blockbusters, including Captain America: Civil War, Spectre, and The Revenant. For a business that demands seamless and powerful technology to get its work done, removing worries about IT functionality was among their highest concerns.

“Everything we do is generated on a computer, using the latest software,” says Eamonn Butler, Cinesite’s Head of Animation. “But the amount of time we get gets less and less, so we’ve got to be able to move very quickly, and technology is a huge part of that.”

The solution for the company was to work with Dell EMC. Dell provided Cinesite with the latest technology, including PowerVault arrays, providing 800 gigabytes of space, and Dell Precision workstations with dual Intel Xeon processors. Just as important, Dell also offered fast and complete tech support.

“The first time we rolled out our infrastructure, one of our artists said, Wow, I can work four times faster,” says Christian Perschky, Cinesite’s Head of Systems Technology.

The need for flawless IT management is often an urgent one in burgeoning fields like virtual reality. Prolinx, a UK company that trains military troops via virtual reality training simulations, also turned to Dell. By linking up with Dell OEM Solutions, they increased the speed of effectiveness and programs, in turn helping to maximize ROI. Instead of treating IT as a headache, SMEs are discovering smart tech solutions can actually help their business grow.

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