A man reportedly stabbed his girlfriend’s lover after tracking her on Snapchat

Locations at a tap.
Locations at a tap.
Image: Reuters/Dado Ruvic
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A man in the south of France reportedly used Snapchat to locate his girlfriend after she wasn’t returning his calls. When he arrived at her location, he found her in a car with another man, and stabbed him in the thigh, according to France Bleu  (link in French).

There are multiple ways that a user can tag their location on Snapchat. They could post a snap to their public story (which anyone who follows them can see) with a filter that mentions their location, or they can opt into to be located on Snap Maps, a feature Snapchat unveiled in June. This shows snaps from across the world, represented as a heat map, as well as the locations of a user’s friends at any given moment, represented by their Bitmoji avatars. (Locations are generally accurate to the last time the user opened the app.)

The man tracked his girlfriend to the local pool in the town Billère, near the country’s border with Spain.

Snap wasn’t immediately available to comment on how its app was used. Recently, Snap Maps has proved to be a surprisingly insightful tool for experiencing tragedies as they’ve unfolded in real time across the world. This application, however, shows the downside of always providing your location to those around you.