These are the jobs already being created by the artificial intelligence boom

Building the machine.
Building the machine.
Image: AP Photo/Ng Han Guan
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Predictions about the economic impact of artificial intelligence swing from increased productivity to the complete annihilation of industries. Clearly, nobody really knows how the introduction of autonomous decision-making software is going to shape our world.

But there are some early reasons for optimism: new jobs are already being created due to the AI boom, according to Nov. 16 research from Glassdoor Economic Research, a website that analyzes the labor market.

Some new jobs aren’t surprising, like AI-savvy software engineers, data scientists, and project managers. The most common new AI-related job is AI software engineer, comprising 11% of Glassdoor’s 512 AI-related job postings.

However, new professions are also emerging, some less technical and more AI-adjacent. Glassdoor saw demand for copywriters to write the dialogue for bots and other conversational interfaces. Nascent markets like smart speakers with virtual personal assistants has given rise to a new kind of user experience designer. Lawyers who specialize in subsets of intellectual property, as well as journalists covering AI, were also in demand.

And who’s hiring these humans, riding the cresting wave of the labor market in an increasingly automated world? Mostly tech companies: Amazon, Nvidia, Microsoft, and IBM take the top four spots in Glassdoor’s analysis, though Wells Fargo also made the list.

Another report (pdf) on the future of AI-related jobs, funded by IT company Cognizant, projects 21 jobs that could fit into workplaces in the next 10 years. Among them: chief trust officer, highway controller, and man-machine teaming manager.