All the new software Amazon announced at its huge developer conference

Bezos needs the cloud.
Bezos needs the cloud.
Image: Reuters/ Richard Brian
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Amazon is trying to make artificial intelligence services a cornerstone of its quickly-growing cloud business. At its re:Invent  conference, the company is unveiling new AI-powered tools for developers to integrate into their own applications and workflows.

Here’s what they’ve announced:

  • SageMaker: an online tool for “everyday developers” to build and implement machine learning software
  • Rekognition Video API: facial recognition, object recognition, and action recognition in live video
  • Transcribe API: transcription service that turns audio of people talking into punctuated, timestamped text
  • Comprehend API: sentiment analysis for text, also automatically identifies people, places, things, brands
  • Translate API: translation service, much like Google Translate, but with only English to six languages
  • Alexa for Work

We’ll update the post as the conference progresses.