Google Glass is officially unwelcome at Guantánamo Bay’s war court

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Don’t bring your Google Glass to Camp Justice at Guantánamo Bay. A sign outside the US military court now informs visitors that “visual enhancement devices,” from binoculars to Google’s wearable computing device, aren’t allowed inside.

The sign is undoubtedly a reaction to Miami Herald reporter Carol Rosenberg, who attempted wear Google Glass last week around the US Naval base known as Guantánamo Bay. She was allowed to record on some portions of the base, but was denied permission to take it into the detention zone, where she hoped to conduct interviews using Glass.

Reporters at Guantánamo must agree to extensive “ground rules.” All photographs and video have to be submitted for a security review before they can leave the military zone. Images of inmates’s faces are banned, and soldiers can only be photographed with express consent.

Camp Justice isn’t the first place to have forbid Google Glass. The gadget has been banned for British drivers and in a number of bars, as well as movie theaters and banks.