This desk chair cost $1 million on Amazon

Image: Screenshot/Mike Murphy
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If you’re looking for a new office chair, perhaps look elsewhere.

A rather standard desk chair, produced by furniture-maker Humanscale, was listed on Amazon for $1,000,000.

If that seems a bit steep, consider this: Prime members get free shipping (delivery time 1 to 2 weeks), and if you open an Amazon Store card with this purchase, it’ll only run you $999,960. That said, expert assembly will cost another $85.49.

If you’re still not convinced, the reviews of the chair have been stellar. One reviewer gave it five stars, saying it was “worth both kidneys.” Another said that it was an “awesome deal,” adding, “I am not able to stay away from chair from the day I have bought it. I used to have house, wife n [sic] car sold everything to buy this. Totally worth it.”

It’s not entirely clear if this listing was put up in error, but since Quartz first alerted Amazon to the price, it’s been changed to a far more reasonable $1,361.10. Searching Amazon’s site, it seems that similar chairs tend to cost about $900, and Amazon wasn’t immediately available to explain what happened, even though the page has since been updated. Perhaps someone just put the decimal point in the wrong place when adding the item to the site.

Humanscale sent Quartz the following statement:

With its simple design and innovative recline mechanism, the Freedom Headrest certainly feels like a million dollar chair when you sit down in it. Luckily, this iconic design starts at $1169 and is available on Humanscale’s website for purchase.

The company added that it does not list its own products on Amazon, and that much of the information about the chair on this page is incorrect, including the model number and its dimensions. The most expensive model of this chair that Humanscale sells on its own site—when customized to include leather upholstery, titanium trim, and locking casters—costs $3,174. You’d be able to buy about 315 of those chairs for the price of just one of Amazon’s.

Then again, pricing on similar goods on Amazon and other internet retailers tends to fluctuate wildly, so perhaps this was just what the algorithm thought we would pay for such an average desk chair this week.

An archived version of Amazon’s million-dollar listing can be found here.