A Chinese father sent his son on a 1,300-mile bike ride to teach him perseverance

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Wang Runxi is a 12-year-old Chinese boy who just finished elementary school. But he’s already run over 30 marathons and half marathons—all at the prompting of his father Wang Chao. Unlike many other Chinese parents, Wang Sr. believes that building character through intense sports is as important as getting good grades.

Most recently, Wang Chao decided that Runxi should take on one of the most challenging bike routes in China, a 1,300-mile ride across the Tibetan Plateau. Wang Chao trained Runxi for three months to prepare for the trip. Father and son completed the 23-day ride together.

Watch the video above to learn more about their journey. And click here to read a visual essay by ChinaFile featuring some behind-the-scenes stories from the photographer who followed the duo the entire way.