How to add the entirety of a Windows computer to a Mac

How to add the entirety of a Windows computer to a Mac
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It may seem like Apple products are everywhere these days, but the fact is that more than nine out of ten computer users around the world still use some version of Windows operating systems. And when those users make the transition between Windows and Macintosh it can feel like an adventure into uncharted territory. New applications, commands, and restrictions can leave users without the ability to use the devices and programs they previously relied on to get things done.

Fortunately, virtualization is here to save the day. With the newly released VMware Fusion 6, anyone can easily and quickly run Windows on a Mac, without the tedium of switching machines or constantly rebooting. Fusion 6 allows users to tap into the power of a virtual machine–remotely controlling one computer (like a Windows-based PC) using another computer (like a MacBook Pro). With Fusion 6, a Mac can transform into the ultimate computer for compatibility.

With a quick, simple installation, Fusion 6 provides the ability to access over 200 operating systems, including Windows XP through Windows 8. Fusion 6 is updated and works across any configuration, whether you have a Mac with a Retina display that’s ready for the new Mavericks operating system or you are preparing to upgrade your PC to Windows 8.1. There is even a built-in learning center to make the process of setting up a virtual machine as easy as possible.

But that’s not all–with Fusion 6, customization is king.

Want to open Microsoft Project in a snap on a Mac? Fusion 6 can place Windows applications in the Dock, Spotlight, or Launchpad as if they were a Mac application. Need to quickly toggle between Safari and Internet Explorer? No problem–Fusion 6’s Unity View provides an integrated experience so you can use Mac commands to leaf through both Windows and Mac applications. Want to make the most of OS X gestures? Fusion 6 offers full compatibility with popular hand commands that access Exposé, show Launchpad, view Mission Control, or show your Mac’s desktop.

Most importantly, Fusion 6 enables Mac users to continue to utilize their devices that are only supported by Windows–including mobile phones. Even moving the entirety of a Windows computer to a Mac is easier than ever with the Migration Assistant for Windows included with Fusion 6.

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