How to get the new Gmail, if you can

How to get the new Gmail, if you can
Image: AP Photo/Patrick Semansky
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Google is releasing its eagerly awaited overhaul of Gmail today (Apr. 25), with new features like the ability to access your calendar from your inbox and view attachments without opening an email thread. It’s rolling out gradually throughout the day.

When logged into your personal Gmail account,

  • Refresh your web browser
  • Click the Settings (⚙) icon in the upper right hand corner of your inbox
  • Select “Try the new Gmail” at the top of the drop down menu
  • Follow the same steps and select “Go back to classic Gmail” to return to the old interface

If you’re not seeing the option to “Try the new Gmail,” it likely hasn’t rolled out to your account yet. Check again later.

If you’re using a work Gmail account, your account administrator will have to turn on the new interface for you.

The redesign is mainly for the web version of Gmail. But some features like smart replies and the upcoming confidential mode will work for mobile and web, and others, like high-priority notifications, will just be for mobile.