You’ll soon be able to use augmented reality to try on sneakers

No store needed.
No store needed.
Image: AP Photo/Martha Irvine
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Tech companies like Google, Facebook, and Apple are embracing augmented reality as the next platform, where digital entertainment and ads can live within the real world.

Augmented reality marketing startup Vyking is translating that buzz for sneakerheads, according to a video posted on the company’s Instagram. The video shows the ability to virtually try on a sneaker, so you can see how it’ll look on your foot before you buy the shoe online.

Of course, there’s no way to feel how the shoe will fit, and the technology isn’t yet released (no word on when it hits the wild). Other companies have already debuted AR fitting, like Warby Parker for glasses and even Lacoste for shoes—but Lacoste’s AR app doesn’t let you actually move your foot to see the shoe from multiple angles, or show the whole shoe over your own, making Vyking’s technology a step forward.

If Pokemon Go is any example, this will get copied to death and be everywhere in a matter of months. Enjoy!