Fortnite is coming to Android

Fortnite Battle Royale is coming to Android this summer.
Fortnite Battle Royale is coming to Android this summer.
Image: Epic Games
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In a features update blog post today (May 18), Epic Games announced that Fortnite is launching on Android phones this summer.

The battle royale game is already reported to be making close to $2 million a day from its massively popular iOS mobile version. Fortnite Battle Royale—which is free to download and play—earns revenue through in-game purchases for cosmetics like skins and emotes, none of which grant players competitive advantages. By avoiding a pay-to-play model and consistently releasing new cosmetics, Epic Games has managed to grow its downloads at an impressive rate while continuing to increase its revenue.

Releasing Fortnite to a mobile Android audience should see the continuation of this growth, and while Epic Games hasn’t announced a firm release date yet, their same blog post promises that “when we have more information to share, you’ll hear it from us first.”