Here’s who won Fortnite’s “Solo Showdown” mode

The winner of Fortnite’s Solo Showdown receives 50,000 free V-Bucks.
The winner of Fortnite’s Solo Showdown receives 50,000 free V-Bucks.
Image: Epic Games
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Fortnite Battle Royale’s competitive free-for-all solo event, “Solo Showdown,” officially came to a close May 21. For a full week, players had the chance to prove their worth by scoring as highly as possible across their first 50 games in the limited-time mode. Now, we finally know who won.

The “Solo Showdown” leaderboard 1st-place winner: vRxthless

After taking a few days to confirm results from the leaderboard, Epic Games updated the final standings yesterday (May 23), at which point the player who’d already been topping the leaderboard managed to snag an immortal spot at #1. The player who goes by the gamer handle “vRxthless” won with an impressive score of 4,881. The second-place winner—who goes by “Zayt”—was only 26 points behind at 4,855. The difference between vRxthless and the 100th-place winner, however, was a substantial 267 points.

vRxthless has won 50,000 V-Bucks—the internal currency of Fortnite—which is worth around $500. Altogether, Fortnite is giving away more than $1,000 worth of V-Bucks to those players ranking in the top 100. And any gamer who managed to play 50 games in the “Solo Showdown” mode will also be receiving a free spray. You can read the full list of winners and prizes here.