The Steam Summer Sale just launched. Go buy some cheap video games

The Steam Summer Sale begins today, June 21.
The Steam Summer Sale begins today, June 21.
Image: Reuters / Mariana Bazo
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The Steam Summer Sale for 2018 starts today (June 21), which is great news for people who love video games and hate having any extra money.

Steam, the video game distribution platform created by Valve Corporation, provides daily discounts on select games, but its recurring seasonal and holiday sales offer broader discounts for longer periods of time. During a Summer Sale, games can be discounted as much as 90%, though it’s more common to see between 30% and 50% off the usual price.

As of the launch, you can currently find deals on games like the popular battle-royale shooter PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds for 33% off and space survival game Empyrion for 50% off.

When does the Steam Summer Sale end?

The Steam Summer Sale will last until July 5, giving you two full weeks to stock up on any games you need, want, or have a slight interest in buying.

Steam Sales are a good opportunity to pick up a few big-budget titles from large video game publishers at a discounted rate, but they’re also a fantastic chance to score several cheaper indie games you may have normally overlooked. Some indie games can sell for less than $1 during Steam Summer Sales, which means you could walk away from an afternoon of shopping with a dozen new games without spending more than $20.

Upon launch, Steam’s site already appears to be struggling under the stress of a sudden wave of traffic—so you’re probably going to need as much patience as disposable cash to get these deals.