Ant-man superpower or just an ant?

Antman, the Wasp, and an ant.
Antman, the Wasp, and an ant.
Image: Marvel
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Marvel’s latest tent-pole wonder Ant-man and the Wasp enters its first full box office weekend. With a strong box-office opening estimated at $87 million, the sequel’s likely to introduce newcomers to Paul Rudd’s superhero (and his super ally Wasp, played by Evangeline Lilly). Which—if you’re like me—has one wondering: what exactly are his powers? And who is the Wasp?

Unlike established comic book brands like the Man of Steel, or your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, Ant-man’s powers are unfamiliar to a casual fan of vigilante superheroes. Let’s run through a few abilities both from Ant-man lore and entomology to see if you can tell the difference.

Now, I haven’t seen the 2015 original and, as of writing this quiz, have not seen the sequel. Rest assured, there are no spoilers ahead, only enlightening facts about Paul Rudd and more importantly, ants.