Alex Jones threatens to shoot Robert Mueller in his latest video. YouTube seems fine with that

Didn’t sign up for this.
Didn’t sign up for this.
Image: Reuters/Molly Riley
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Alex Jones, the conspiracy-peddling online commentator, mimes shooting Robert Mueller in his latest online video, and says the US special prosecutor is going to “get it,” actions that appear to violate YouTube’s policy on threatening behavior.

Jones posted the video yesterday (July 23) on his personal YouTube channel, which has over 2.4 million followers. Multiple people have complained to YouTube on Twitter. A YouTube spokeswoman didn’t respond immediately to a request for comment.

In the video, Jones calls the independent counsel leading the federal probe into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential campaign a “monster,” accuses him of covering up for a pedophile, and suggests he and Mueller will meet for a cowboy-style showdown, as The Hill explains:

“That’s a demon I will take down, or I’ll die trying. So that’s it. It’s going to happen, we’re going to walk out in the square, politically, at high noon, and he’s going to find out whether he makes a move man, make the move first, and then it’s going to happen,” Jones said, miming a pistol with his hand.

“It’s not a joke. It’s not a game. It’s the real world. Politically. You’re going to get it, or I’m going to die trying, bitch. Get ready. We’re going to bang heads. We’re going to bang heads.”

In February, Jones’s online channel InfoWars received its second warning from YouTube for posting a video calling Parkland student David Hogg a “crisis actor.” Channels that receive three warnings from YouTube in three months are removed.

Jones, who spread the lie that Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax, which resulted in some of his followers harassing grieving parents, has become a symbol of Facebook’s convoluted anti-fake news policy. His  Infowars page there has 907,000 “likes” and also features the video threatening Mueller.