The best-performing stock in the UK makes artisanal tonic water

Mother’s Ruin.
Mother’s Ruin.
Image: Fever-Tree
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Brits love gin. The tipple, favored by the Queen, has become so popular that last year the Office of National Statistics had to add it to the basket of goods used to calculate inflation. In the 12 months to March of this year, almost 55 million bottles of gin–worth £1.5 billion—were sold in the UK, a new record.

Nothing goes with gin like tonic. But not just any tonic water—bars in the UK are flush with premium tonic water, and one of the most ubiquitous brands is Fever-Tree. Sold in 200ml glass bottles, Fever-Tree comes in several flavors, from the original Indian tonic water to elderflower.

Since 2015, no other public UK company has done as well as Fever-Tree. Its share price has climbed more than 1,900% since its IPO in late 2014. The FTSE 100, the UK benchmark of large-cap companies, is up 17% over the same period.

Now worth more than £4 billion—compared with £154 million when it went public—Fever-Tree has branched out into other mixers, such as ginger beer and lemonade. This week, it said full-year results will be “comfortably ahead” of expectations, sending shares even higher. Next up for Fever-Tree: America. It recently open a New York office and is pitching its products as mixers for vodka, rum, and whiskey.