The longest flight in the world is about to be abolished

The longest flight in the world is about to be abolished
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In the face of rising fuel costs and declining demand for its premium service, Singapore Airlines is abandoning its direct service from Singapore to the United States.

The flights, which have been operating from Los Angeles and Newark, New Jersey were the longest regularly scheduled flights by any commercial airline in the world according to OpenFlights, an online community that compiles airline industry information.

The flight to Newark is 9,540 miles (15,353 km) long and frequently takes a route over the North pole. The Singapore-to-Los Angeles flight was 8,772 miles (14,117 km). It flew its final leg on Oct. 22.

Once the final Newark-to-Singapore flight lands on November 25, the title for longest flight in the world will fall to Qantas Airlines’ Dallas-to-Sydney service, a route that is 8,589 miles (13,822 km) long and takes more than 15 hours. A close second is Delta Air Lines’s 8,449 mile (13,597 km) Atlanta-to-Johannesburg route.

Of the 10 longest flights—excluding Singapore Airlines’ soon-to-be-ending route—four fly to and from Hong Kong and three to/from Dubai. All of the 10 have one endpoint in the United States.