For now, US president Donald Trump is standing by Kavanaugh, and has called the accusations “a con.” In a statement issued to White House reporters today, Trump said, “I know this particular man—Judge Kavanaugh. He’s outstanding. You don’t find people like this. He’s outstanding. He’s a gem. He’s an absolute gem.”

Later, at a live press conference at the United Nations, Trump admitted that he is willing to consider withdrawing Kavanaugh’s nomination if he is convinced by Blasey Ford’s testimony at the hearing tomorrow.

But he warned that even if a woman is nominated to replace Kavanaugh, she too could face accusations. ”I was accused by I believe it was four or five women…who got paid a lot of money to make up stories about me,” Trump told reporters. “So I’ve had numerous accusations about me. They made false statements about me. I never met them…”

He said the accusations leveled against him impacted his opinion. “Does it affect me in terms of my thinking with Judge Kavanaugh? Absolutely.” However, he didn’t outright call the women accusing Kavanaugh “liars” when a reporter asked if that’s what he meant.

Kavanaugh has denied all the allegations. Tomorrow he will testify to the Senate Judiciary Committee about Blasey Ford’s accusations. It’s likely that he’ll continue to deny being at a party or assaulting her.

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