Brett Kavanaugh brought an all-female team of clerks to the Supreme Court

A champion for women.
A champion for women.
Image: AP Photo/Susan Walsh
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Yesterday, Brett Kavanaugh started his new job as Supreme Court justice. Confirmed under the cloud of sexual assault allegations, the conservative judge’s appointment has been criticized as a blow to women, while some fear that he will roll back the right to abortion.

But the first day of Kavanaugh’s tenure also came with a step forward for women in the legal profession: All of his four clerks are women—a first in SCOTUS history. During his confirmation hearings, Kavanaugh promised he would hire an all-female team of clerks, and he kept true to it.

His four hires are Shannon Grammel (Stanford Law 2017), Megan Lacy (University of Virginia Law 2010), Sara Nommensen (Harvard Law 2016) and Kim Jackson (Yale Law 2017).

Here is the full list of Supreme Court clerks for 2018, together with the judge who hired them and the law school of origin. Out of 38, 20 are now women—an unprecedented majority.