A 9-year-old Canadian girl figured out a brilliant way to sell all her Girl Scout cookies

Prospective customers.
Prospective customers.
Image: Reuters/Christinne Muschi
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The same day Canada legalized recreational marijuana, 9-year-old girl scout Elina Childs sold all her Girl Scout cookies.

Stationed outside a newly opened dispensary in Edmonton on Oct. 17, Childs sold cookies to customers standing in four-hour lines, CNN reported. She sold out in 45 minutes, earning C$120 (US$91).

“She didn’t quite understand what the big deal was,” her dad, Seann Childs, told CNN. “She was just selling cookies in her mind, but everyone was so happy to see her, and kept congratulating her.”

Childs wasn’t the only one ready to cash in on the munchies. Over the summer, as Canada prepared to legalize marijuana, many restaurant chains and food manufacturers planned offerings to capture the new line of business.

Hershey Canada rolled out a special edition candy bar called “Oh Henry! 4:25.” The bar, a peanut-nougat concoction in bright green packaging, was advertised as “specially formulated to satisfy the intense hunger craving that occurs five minutes after 4:20.”

Food delivery company Foodora sold a “hotbox” special on April 20 for $4.20 in several Canadian cities. It came with brioche-style buns topped with poutine, plus sunglasses and mints in a separate kit.

Meanwhile, in Vancouver, a company called 4:20 Grasshopper Gourmet sells healthier snacks to “give people a better alternative when they get the munchies,” co-founder Kenny Vannucci told CBC.