Google’s top US Election Day search is in Spanish: “Dónde votar”

Image: AP Photo/Tony Dejak
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American voters are heading to the polls today, and Google has reported that its most popular search term isn’t “where to vote” in English. Instead, the Spanish “dónde votar” is the top trending search, according to the company’s Twitter account.

As Quartz has previously written, a record number of Latinos are eligible to vote this year. And surveys suggest that they are eager to vote in the midterms, due in part to negative outlooks on financial wellness and increasing discrimination.

While Google reports that traffic for the term has increased 3,350%, it’s difficult to know the actual size of the public searching where to vote. For example, that growth could be achieved by 1 search last week that shot up to 3,350 searches today (although that’s highly unlikely) or 1,000 searches rising to 3,350,000.

While search traffic reported by Google Trends is incomplete for the day, previous interest in “donde votar” was high during the 2010 midterms and the 2016 elections.

It’s still unclear what Hispanic and Latino voter turnout means for the midterm elections, though polls and reports indicate that more Hispanic and Latino voters have soured on Donald Trump.

Updated: This article previously misplaced the accent mark in “Dónde votar.”