56% of Trump-endorsed candidates won their elections so far

Stand by me.
Stand by me.
Image: AP Photo/Chris O'Meara
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Update Nov. 14 (10:30AM PT): We’ve updated the races and statistics to reflect new results. Rob DeSantis’ is no longer the winner of the race for Florida governor (that election is now under recount) and Democrat Kyrsten Sinema has won the Arizona Senate race. 

US president Donald Trump’s endorsements—from Twitter posts to campaign stops—appear to have helped in mobilizing his base, as the White House hoped. As many as 52 of the 93 candidates Trump endorsed won in the Senate, House, gubernatorial, and other elected offices. Six races are still undecided. If those are settled for Republicans, the president’s winning percentage could be as high as 62%.

Trump took to social media early Nov. 7 for his first laudatory remarks to candidate Ron DeSantis, but that celebration may have been preemptive.

Trump visited DeSantis twice during the tight race for Florida’s next governor, and during his victory speech, DeSantis thanked the president for his support. Results showed DeSantis beating Tallahassee mayor Andrew Gillum by just 80,000 votes (or about 1 percentage point) when the mayor conceded.

Since his remarks, DeSantis’ victory is in question, as Florida recounts their votes, a move that’s drawn the ire of the President.

The results for candidates in tight races who sought the “embrace” of Trump, as the president put it during a press conference on Nov. 7, are mixed. Exactly half of the Republicans who got the president’s endorsement in 2018 races that the Cook Political report had rated as “toss-ups” actually won, making Trump’s win percentage 50% so far:

During the press conference, Trump talked up his influence on the midterm winners and eschewed any responsibility for Republicans losing control of the House. “We saw the candidates that I supported achieve great success last night,” he said, adding that his “vigorous campaigning stopped the blue wave that they talked about.

“For the most part I didn’t campaign for the House,” Trump said, before gleefully listing the GOP House members who lost after refusing to embrace Trumpism, or who didn’t ask him to campaign with them. “Mia Love gave me no love,” Trump said, referring to the Utah Republican. “Too bad, Mia!”

Here’s the full list of Trump’s endorsements and their outcomes: