In an uncomfortable photo op, Tim Cook and Ivanka Trump visit Idaho schools together

Tim couldn’t stay for a photo?
Tim couldn’t stay for a photo?
Image: AP Photo/Otto Kitsinger
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She’s the daughter, advisor, and representative to a US president who wants to place a 10% tariff on iPhones. He’s the CEO of Apple. Rarely do Ivanka Trump and Tim Cook run in the same circles, but on Tuesday (Nov. 27) both found themselves in Wilder, Idaho.

The two traveled to Wilder as part of a series of tours related to Trump’s work on the National Council for the American Worker, which promotes education in science, technology, engineering, and math. This particular visit was related to the Obama-era ConnectED program, through which Apple donated iPads—one for each student and teacher—to 114 low-income schools across 29 states, including a school in Wilder, which has a population of just under 2,000 people. The schools were chosen specifically because their students may not have easy access to technology.

Apple and the US president have a famously stormy relationship. In the past, Donald Trump has called on Apple to increase the size of their screen (which they’ve since done), criticized Cook for his relationship with China, and called on consumers to boycott the brand for failing to hand over information related to the San Bernadino attacks.

Still, it’s safe to assume the meetings went smoothly, even if photos don’t exactly show the two buddying up. Although Wilder Elementary is a public school, the general public—and almost all media—were not permitted to attend the visit nor ask how Trump’s tariffs may affect Apple’s future generosity.

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