Ticket sales for “Avengers: Endgame” seem to be breaking movie theater websites

The remaining Avengers.
The remaining Avengers.
Image: YouTube/Marvel
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Tickets for Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame went on sale in the US and other countries today (April 2), and the websites for many major theater chains seem to be buckling under the demand for tickets.

Those lucky enough to even make it into the queue to get tickets have seen comically long wait times just to be able to give Marvel (and its parent company Disney) their money:

Marvel also released a new trailer for the 22nd film in its “cinematic universe,” which will be released April 26 and has been billed as the culmination of more than a decade’s worth of story lines. The entire cinematic universe has pulled in over $18 billion worldwide, and the last Avengers film generated over $2 billion alone—and left fans with an epic cliff-hanger.

Some cinemas’ sites seem to have crashed under the pressure from fans desperate to know what happens next. The website for AMC Entertainment, the largest chain in the US with over 8,000 screens, was down when Quartz tried to access it Tuesday morning:

The website for second-largest chain, Regal Entertainment, was working, albeit slowly, whereas the website for Cinemark Theaters, another large chain, would not load. Fandango, one of the largest ticket-booking sites on the web, had a queue for entry into the ticket purchasing process, but seems to have suspended access:

Customers sounded off on Twitter, especially in response to Fandango’s announcement that tickets had gone on sale.

Watch the new trailer below, possibly a few hundred times, as you wait for your ticket reservation confirmation to come through: