2020 Democratic campaign launch videos in 10 words or less

Do you remember D-day? I do.
Do you remember D-day? I do.
Image: Biden 2020.
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With the entry of Joe Biden in the 2020 US presidential race, there are now 20 declared Democratic candidates.

Each presidential hopeful has jumped in with a stirring, high-production-value message that’s been quickly pumped through social media—the “Why I’m running” video. Set to inspirational music, these are meant to provide a powerful emotional hook to get voters invested in the candidate, and set the tone for the campaign to come.

It hasn’t always been like this. In years past, presidential candidates simply declared they were running in public rallies and speeches, like John F. Kennedy’s bare bones announcement in the Senate Caucus room in 1960, or Arkansas governor Bill Clinton’s speech announcing his candidacy that lasted more than 36 minutes. Or, they put out long, detailed infomercials, like Ronald Reagan’s video announcement from 1980 that runs about 25 minutes.

In the era of social media, though, candidates have whittled down the “I’m running!” announcement to an easily-shareable few minutes. In the interest of saving even more time given the crowded field, Quartz has boiled these down to 10 words or less.

Here are the nine top candidates, listed in order of popularity on the latest Morning Consult poll.

Joe Biden

Nazis are bad. Remember D-day? I do.

Bernie Sanders


Pete Buttigieg

Olds: Hand it over already.

Kamala Harris

Me. You. Patriotic abstract nouns. Let’s do it.

Elizabeth Warren

This shit is broken. Mama has a plan.

Beto O’Rourke

Folks, listen up. My wife does.

Cory Booker

Newark took a chance on me. Why not you?

Amy Klobuchar

Minnesota nice, no matter what you’ve heard.

Andrew Yang

The robots are coming. At least get some cash.