There is conflicting evidence about Santa Claus’s travel schedule this Christmas

Looking for his next move.
Looking for his next move.
Image: Reuters/Thierry Roge
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It’s already past midnight on Australia’s east coast, which means Santa Claus has been and gone. This Australian journalist captured evidence of his passage through Melbourne airport:

The timing makes perfect sense, and leaves St Nick with plenty of time to sweep through Asia and Europe and make it to North America later this evening.

Strangely, though, flight-tracking site FlightAware has flight SANTA1 registered as being scheduled to take a short hop across Queensland some 15 hours from now on Christmas Day. According to the site, his method of transport is a Lockheed SR-71 spy plane. Is Santa too now working for the National Security Agency?

Other sites that allow you to track Santa’s progress include those operated by Google and NORAD, which at the time of writing both put Santa in Japan, and Boeing, which currently shows his sleigh flying over Kazakhstan.

If we learn more about Santa’s movements, we’ll let you know. For now, we suggest you treat all reports of Santa’s location with caution, and cross-check against other sources of information.