Fake heiress Anna Delvey’s wardrobe woes have been solved for 4 to 12 years

Her last little black dress for a long time.
Her last little black dress for a long time.
Image: Reuters/Shannon Stapleton
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Anna Delvey used to hang out in all of New York’s finest restaurants and stay in the city’s best hotels while she wooed high-society investors and pretended she was a German heiress. Now, Delvey—real name Anna Sorokin—is facing a much less glitzy existence.

The grifter, whose story has been licensed by Netflix, was sentenced today to four to 12 years in prison for her conviction on charges of about $200,000 worth of theft of services and grand larceny. When she was convicted by a New York jury in April, prosecutors said their investigation was ongoing—which means Sorokin, 28, could still face more charges and more time behind bars. At sentencing today, judge Diane Kiesel said she was “stunned by the depth of the defendant’s deception,”  according to the Associated Press.

Sorokin was also ordered to pay almost $199,000 in restitution, as well as a fine of $24,000. Her lawyer, who characterized the crimes as youthful errors, says that she has no money. It’s not known how much Netflix is paying for the rights to tell her tale, though a deal was confirmed. Presumably, her earnings would go toward paying restitution.

Prison and payback are not the only problems for Sorokin. The Russian-born German immigrant overstayed her visa in the US in 2017 and faces deportation proceedings upon her release from custody. Immigration and Customs Enforcement says it plans to send Sorokin back to Germany.

Prosecutor  Catherine McCaw noted during the hearing that Sorokin showed little remorse over the course of legal proceedings, saying she seemed most concerned with her looks. McCaw said that Sorokin took “more seriously her clothing than anything else.” Indeed, the defendant repeatedly held up court sessions by insisting she wouldn’t appear because her lawyer didn’t provide the proper outfit.

Sorokin has been incarcerated in the city’s Rikers Island jail since her 2017 arrest. Now, she will be in state custody for at least four more years. She won’t have to worry about her wardrobe for a while—she’ll be wearing a state-issued green jumpsuit, and thankfully jumpsuits are currently all the rage.