There’s been a run on red neckties at the Trump Store

US president Donald Trump.
US president Donald Trump.
Image: AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster
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When US president Donald Trump stepped into North Korea on Sunday to “shake hands” with Kim Jong Un, his ever-present red necktie—hanging, as always, several inches longer than what is generally considered customary—was right there with him.

Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un at DMZ
There it is.
Image: AP Photo/Susan Walsh

The spontaneous meet-up took place at the heavily militarized “demilitarized zone” that has separated the two Koreas since 1953. Trump tweeted the invitation on June 28, while he was in Japan for the G20 conference. Kim accepted and the two leaders met for about an hour. Although the whole thing felt like a reality TV spectacle, Trump is now the first sitting US president to step foot inside North Korea.

Trump’s exaggerated red tie has become famous in its own right, becoming even lengthier thanks to the magic of Photoshop:

The look, however, is working for some people: The red tie appears to be sold out at the official online Trump Store.

Not affiliated with the White House but with the Trump Organization, the store sells the president’s signature red tie for $125 (plus tax and shipping). Made in France, the silk necktie is described on the website as “the perfect compliment” to formal attire. “Its elegantly woven ‘T’ pattern design adds style and texture, making it a head turning accessory for a day in the office or a night on the town.”

But anyone hoping to mimic Trump’s style will be disappointed, at least if the people behind the Trump Store are to be believed.

“Kindly note our red tie is currently sold out and will be available again in the fall,” the website warns. (Emphasis original.)

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Trump Signature Collection ties are still available in grey, royal blue (which the Trump Store calls “dark blue”), and black. For those who really can’t wait, there is at least one lookalike “extra-long presidential tie” available elsewhere online for $34.95.

Trump wears his ties “a good four inches beyond” where anyone should, per GQ. Former New Jersey governor and one-time Trump ally Chris Christie has said that Trump believes a long tie provides a “slimming effect.” Stanford Law professor Richard Thompson Ford, on the other hand, sees Trump’s “overlong” tie as “a rehearsed macho boast, crass and overcompensating.”