Dramatic video shows the extent of Hurricane Dorian’s flooding in the Bahamas

Under siege.
Under siege.
Image: AP Photo/Tim Aylen
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On Sunday night, Hurricane Dorian slammed into the northwestern Bahamas, wreaking devastation over the islands, coupled with gusts of more than 220 miles per hour. The storm, now at Category 4 intensity, has moved slowly over the archipelago, with a sustained pause over Grand Bahama Island.

The hurricane has closed the Bahamas’ main airport, Grand Bahama International Airport, since Sept. 1. At the time, it was scheduled to reopen tomorrow (Sept. 3), though a statement from the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism & Aviation noted this was “subject to prevailing conditions.”

Striking footage shared on Twitter suggests that the facility, located in Freeport, indeed may be very far from reopening. Florida legislator Kionne McGhee posted video from the airport.

For reference, here’s the same airport under normal conditions.

Other dramatic videos made their way online, including this footage posted by Voice of America …

… and this roundup from CBS News:

As many as 13,000 homes in the Bahamas are believed to have been severely damaged or destroyed by the storm. Emergency numbers are down, with the US Coast Guard deployed to help out. The country has not released an official death toll, though at least five people are reported to be missing or killed.