Yannick Lefang says digital will become more important in Africa post-Covid

Yannick Lefang says digital will become more important in Africa post-Covid
Image: Courtesy Yannick Lefang
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It took a global pandemic and stay-at-home orders for 1.5 billion people worldwide, but something is finally occurring to us: The future we thought we expected may not be the one we get.

We know that things will change; how they’ll change is a mystery. To envision a future altered by coronavirus, Quartz asked dozens of experts for their best predictions on how the world will be different in five years.

Below is an answer from Yannick Lefang, the founder of KASI Insight, an Africa-focused research firm. He was named a Quartz Africa Innovator in 2019.

The coronavirus pandemic is the most complex, disruptive, and multifaceted threat that consumers and businesses have faced in the 21st century. Our data shows that African consumers are very concerned about the pandemic. Its impact on their livelihoods—particularly their job security and financial stability—is significant. The pandemic has changed how Africans live, shop, and work. Digital will play a larger role in the way Africans live in five years because of coronavirus. The coronavirus has pushed governments and businesses to rely on remote working, and required people to increase their shopping online and stay connected virtually. As a result, we will see an acceleration of digital deployment in Africa and a wider adoption. As the pandemic is controlled and a cure or a vaccine is discovered, some of these trends will stay beyond the crisis.

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