What happened in 2020? Test your knowledge with our quiz

What happened in 2020? Test your knowledge with our quiz
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The impact of the coronavirus pandemic this year was so wide-ranging that it shaped every news event that followed its spread across the planet: the Black Lives Matter protests, a US election with historic turnout, China’s creeping takeover of Hong Kong, and more.

At each turn, Quartz tried to unpack the implications of the pandemic’s effect on corners of our lives, from supply chains to our offices. We also sought to make meaning of the challenges many of our readers face, such as understanding the next generation of workers, and learning how to make better decisions at a time when the sheer number of them paralyzed us.

These attempts resonated with our readers. Of the 50-plus field guides we published this year, these were the most popular amongst our members:

  1. World vs coronavirus
  2. Decision making
  3. What Gen Z wants
  4. The virtual conference reboot
  5. Netflix’s next stage
  6. Home fitness boom
  7. Data deluge
  8. Home office handbook
  9. How to save the economy
  10. The delivery dilemma

You can test your knowledge about what happened in 2020, and get fodder for your next trivia quiz, with questions pulled from this year’s five most popular field guides in the quiz below. Factoid-obsessed but not a Quartz member? You can become one today at this link.