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The complete guide to NFTs

An NFT art gallery in New York City.
REUTERS/Dan Fastenberg
An NFT art gallery in New York City.
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Table of contents

I. What is an NFT?
II. A short history of NFTs
III. How to make an NFT (we tried it)
IV. Where to buy and sell NFTs
V. 30 second case study: NFT art
VI. 30 second case study: NFTs in fashion
VII. The carbon footprint of NFTs
VIII. NFT reading list

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are having a moment. They’re making headlines in art, sports, fashion, and video games and they’re attracting increased interest from investors. But what is an NFT, really, and why do people buy them? If you work in media, or art, or sports, or law do you really need to care? We’ve been covering the explosion of NFTs and in this guide we’ve collected all our coverage as well as the best outside resources to help you understand what’s real and what’s hype. Grab your private key and get your metadata ready, we’re diving into NFTs.

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