Watch: Adobe CPO Scott Belsky on navigating teams through company change

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As an entrepreneur, executive, investor, and author, Adobe’s Chief Product Officer Scott Belsky knows about steering a team through the myriad, nuanced phases of a company’s journey, including the high-fives and aching heads that come with growth.

In his conversation with Quartz CEO Zach Seward, Belsky shares his personal experiences powering through the “messy middle,” his term, both at Behance, which he co-founded, and at his now-parent-company Adobe, and bracing for both the peaks and the valleys that inevitably occur when scaling up.

He says the most successful companies are the ones that: 

  • celebrate legitimate milestones
  • recognize low-impact initiatives and antiquated processes
  • hold honest post-mortems
  • rewrite playbooks when the market or the moment calls
  • allocate employee influence
  • “merchandise progress,” as he describes it, to keep teams motivated even during periods of uncertainty and anxiety 

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