Watch: Invesco’s Colin Meadows on building a better economy through equitable investing

The latest episode of our Make Business Better livestream

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The movements toward creating an anti-racist society will require reflection, commitment, and cooperation from the most powerful—and often-times homogenous—industries, including finance. This type of institutional overhaul does not happen overnight, but Invesco’s Colin Meadows is helping his company and others begin to fulfill a new fiduciary duty towards racial equality.

Make Business Better: Quartz CEO Zach Seward in conversation with Invesco’s Colin Meadows

Meadows’ position of Senior Managing Director and Head of Digital Ventures at the investment firm, as well as his decades of experience in the financial sector, have given him a firsthand view of the industry’s diversity problem and the progress left to be made. In this episode of Make Business Better, Meadows and Quartz CEO Zach Seward discuss finance’s specific imperative toward change, the role investors can play, and the strides all company leaders can be making in this mission.


The work of managers to hold themselves and their organizations accountable has only just begun, says Meadows, and his industry-wide insights serve as a valuable reminder and resource on how money really can move the needle.

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