Introducing new emails for Quartz members

Introducing new emails for Quartz members
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I know I shouldn’t sleep with my phone, but I do, and because it’s right there, the very first thing I do every weekday is read the Quartz Daily Brief. I developed this habit long before I worked here, because I could always count on Quartz to point me toward the most interesting and important news, including stories I wouldn’t see anywhere else, to put it all in context in record time, and to make me feel hopeful and ready for the day.

Quartz membership does for the future what the Daily Brief does for the day. Our goal has been to be the best, most forward-looking guide to the global economy, to help our readers understand and adapt to the most important changes happening in business, technology, the workplace, and the climate.

Today, we’re excited to share a new version of Quartz membership that will continue to do all of that, more concisely, more frequently, and more ambitiously.

Quartz, crystallized

We’re putting weekly emails at the center of membership, starting with these four:

  • The Forecast: a short, sharp look forward at an emerging industry, technology, or trend
  • The Company: context on the companies changing (or about to change) the way other businesses work (companies like Coinbase, Discord, Krispy Kreme, and Shein)
  • How To: specific things you can do to work more effectively and solve problems you care about (from spending too much time with your phone, to managing your team’s return to the office, to shrinking your company’s carbon footprint)
  • The Weekend Brief: a wider lens on the most consequential news story of the week

Each one is designed to help you see further ahead or further afield; to better understand your work, your industry, and your place in the global economy; and not only to adapt to whatever’s coming next, but to do what you can to make it better. Our mission, after all, is to make business—from your workplace (and ours) to capitalism itself—better.

Why email?

  1. We’re really good at it. You can probably tell that Quartz emails are a lot of fun to write.
  2. Our members use email a lot, and it’s already the way most of them access most of Quartz.
  3. Email is still the best way to write directly to an individual person, when what you have to say is substantial but neither of you have much time. And we think of our members as individual people, not an “audience.”
  4. Lately we’ve been obsessed with a particular problem with the news: the flow of it—its current—never pauses, which makes it difficult for any of us to learn from the past or anticipate the future. This is also true of business in general, and it’s the way many of us feel these days at work. We realized that our emails were the best container we’d found so far for insights the size and shape and speed our readers needed most. Inspired by our Weekly Obsession and Need to Know emails, we created Essentials, which extract the most useful and durable knowledge from the news. (You’ll find Essentials at the end of many articles, and they’re part of our obsessions and recent field guides.) Our new approach to Quartz membership is the next logical step.

Email won’t be the only way to read our new emails—The Forecast, The Company, How To, and the Weekend Brief will all appear as articles on and in our app, as well. And members will still have unlimited access to all of Quartz’s reporting and analysis, workshops, field guides, and presentations.

If you’re not already a member, get 50% off your first year. We can’t wait to hear what you think.