For $1.575 million, you could own the kissing cousin of a priceless architecture icon

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Philip Johnson's 1954 Wiley Speculative House is up for sale.
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For the privilege of walking the grounds of Philip Johnson’s Glass House, the building that brought its architect (and resident) instant fame when it was completed in New Canaan, Connecticut, in 1949, you’ll pay $30, or $100 for an extended visit. An overnight stay costs $30,000, and a reservation is advisable. But as a National Historic Landmark and “one of the masterworks of modern American architecture,” the house is not for sale.

An eight-minute drive away, though, there’s another modernist design with a similar form, also by Johnson: the plywood-clad Wiley Speculative House, designed in 1954 as a prototype, though it was never replicated. And as Curbed reports, the three-bed, three-bath house is on the market for $1.575 million. It comes with a 2.57-acre lot, a two-car garage, excellent local schools, and the pedigree of a legendary (though fatally flawed) architect.

The best part: tours are presumably free. Just make an appointment with the realtor first.