Apple CEO Tim Cook says television is “stuck in the ’70s”

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In a new interview, Apple CEO Tim Cook blasted the current state of television, but didn’t say if his company intended to fix it. “The interface is terrible,” Cook told PBS’s Charlie Rose. “I mean, it’s awful.”

Here’s a transcript of the clip:

Tim Cook: TV is one that we continue to have great interest in. I choose my words carefully. TV is one of those things where, if we’re really honest, is stuck in the ’70s. Think about how much your life has changed and all the things around you that have changed. And yet TV, when you go into your living room to watch the TV or wherever it may be, it almost feels like you’re rewinding the clock, and you have entered a time capsule, and you are going backwards. The interface is terrible. I mean, it’s awful. And you watch things when they come on unless you remember to record them.

Charlie Rose: So why don’t you fix that?

Cook: Well, I don’t want to get into what we’re doing in the future. But we’ve taken stabs with Apple TV, and Apple TV now has over 20 million users, and so it has far exceeded the hobby label that we placed on it. And we’ve added content to it this year, and so there’s increasingly more things that you can do on there. But this is an area that we continue to look at.