The best live-blogs, live streams and Twitter feeds for following Hong Kong’s “Umbrella Revolution”

One of many
One of many
Image: AP Photo/Wally Santana
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The situation in Hong Kong is escalating. Protestors have swarmed around two important government buildings. The first is chief executive CY Leung’s residence. The second is the Central Government Complex. Police have issued warnings and are standing by to keep the buildings secure. To help you follow the action as it unfolds, here’s a list of some of our favorite sources:

Live-blog: The Wall Street Journal’s China Realtime blog is posting articles and photos from the ground.

Live TV feed: The Hong Kong publication Apple Daily has installed a camera that’s live-streaming the protests.

Live TV feed with commentary: The BBC has a scrolling list of text updates, as well as live video from Hong Kong, including commentary from various officials and experts.

Twitter: The Occupy Central Twitter account (@OCLPHK) is not just tweeting every blow by blow detail of the movement, but also retweeting others who are doing the same thing. And we’ve compiled a short Twitter list of journalists and others following the protests.