These are the undergraduate schools that land you the best jobs

Startup central.
Startup central.
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LinkedIn released an update today to its platform of tools aimed at university students, part of an ongoing effort to hook job seekers early, put soon-to-be and recent college graduate in front of recruiters, and become part of the college search process. One of the new features is a “University Outcome Ranking” based on LinkedIn’s data on alumni career outcomes.

The rankings are based on how successful recent graduates of various schools have been at getting desirable jobs in given fields.

The company looked at millions of profiles to identify the top companies where people of various professions choose to work. It found where Linkedin users in those careers went to school, and then ranked schools by the percentage of alumni who landed jobs at those top companies.

Right now, the rankings are limited to a few job categories and countries, though the company intends to expand that in the future. We’ve broken out the top 10 schools for a few popular careers:

Software developers (startups) in the United States

  1. Stanford University
  2. MIT
  3. Brown University
  4. Princeton University
  5. UC Berkeley
  6. Carnegie Mellon University
  7. Harvard University
  8. Cornell University
  9. Columbia University
  10. University of Virginia

Finance (general) in the United States

  1. University of Pennsylvania
  2. Yale University
  3. Georgetown University
  4. Princeton University
  5. Columbia University
  6. New York University
  7. Duke University
  8. Harvard University
  9. Cornell University
  10. Dartmouth College

Finance (general) in the United Kingdom

  1. The London School of Economics
  2. University College London
  3. University of Cambridge
  4. Imperial College London
  5. University of Warwick
  6. University of Oxford
  7. Aston University
  8. University of Bath
  9. Durham University
  10. University of Strathclyde

Media in the United States

  1. New York University
  2. Hofstra University
  3. Duke University
  4. Howard University
  5. Northwestern University
  6. Syracuse University
  7. Quinnipiac University
  8. Fordham University
  9. Yale University
  10. Brown University

Media in the United Kingdom

  1. University of Leeds
  2. University of Oxford
  3. University of Nottingham
  4. Cardiff University
  5. Durham University
  6. University of Bristol
  7. University of Cambridge
  8. University of Birmingham
  9. Bournemouth University
  10. University of Exeter