Map: What 24 American cities wanted for Christmas

Map: What 24 American cities wanted for Christmas
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The collective lust of the US may be for an iPhone, but from city to city Americans’ material wants vary drastically.

To show the disparity, the New York Times worked with Google to find the top trending gift-related searches in some cities across the US.

The list focused on items that were more popular this year in a city than last, to bring out current trends rather than long-term or national desires.

Here’s a map Quartz made of their findings.

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In Los Angeles, searches for a “Mansur Gavriel bag” confirm the popularity of the hard-to-find luxury purse. Some stores have had to create waitlists for it.

In Baltimore, searches for “Peppa Pig toys” reflect the growing attraction for the British children’s show which airs on Nickelodeon in the US. Peppa Pig is expected to gross $1 billion in merchandising and TV revenues this year, according to the New York Daily News.

Finally, in a list dominated by high-priced fashion items and trendy gadgets, one thing stands out: ”Cards Against Humanity,” a low-tech card game based on making the most cynical possible jokes about people. Despite already being quite popular across the US, according to the Times, it is doing exceptionally well in several cities.

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