Finally, wireless earbuds are here

Handsome, aren’t we?
Handsome, aren’t we?
Image: Flickr/Chris F
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You can soon say goodbye to the tangle of wires that make your backpack or handbag miserable. Tiny, unobtrusive (and perhaps incredibly hard to keep track of) wireless earbuds are about to hit the market in droves.

The Verge reviewed the crop of wireless earbuds on display at CES 2015 in Las Vegas last week. Here’s the rundown of those products, as well as one additional  set of earbuds from a successful Kickstarter campaign.

Bragi Dash

– $299.99

At $300, the Bragi Dash earbuds don’t come cheap. But they have a full set of features driving up their price. They support playback from an external device via Bluetooth, but also contain an embedded 4GB music player. They can also track fitness metrics such as heart rate.

The earbuds will ship in April 2015 according to Bragi. Here’s a video the makers released:


 - $249.99

The FreeWavz are billed as workout headphones. The Bluetooth earbuds also track heart rate, distance traveled, and several other fitness metrics. According to the Verge review, the FreeWavz on hand at CES were mostly an advanced prototype, but should ship in April 2015. Here’s a video released by FreeWavz:



Although no price is listed on the company website, the earbuds will cost $349 according to the Verge review. The technology and the focus of the HearNotes is a bit different—rather than working over Bluetooth, the HearNotes will operate on Kleer Wireless, a proprietary standard specialized for the wireless transmission of sound. These earbuds will also focus exclusively on sound (sorry, no fitness-tracking features).


– $199.99

Earin was successfully funded on Kickstarter in the summer of 2014 and quickly sold 8,000 units via pre-order. Earin works over Bluetooth, and like the HearNotes, focuses exclusively on sound.

Image via Chris F on Flickr.