#TheDress is now part of a powerful campaign against domestic violence

Image: Salvation Army, South Africa
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The dress that took over the internet last week has been put to use in a striking campaign against domestic violence.

The campaign is sponsored by the South African branch of the Salvation Army, which showed some quick thinking in trying to redirect some of the hype over the dress (which, thanks to an optical phenomenon, appeared white-and-gold to some people and black-and-blue to others) to draw attention to a cause.

“Domestic violence is a huge problem in South Africa and it affects family life and community life significantly,” Carin A. Holmes, a spokeswoman for Salvation Army South Africa, tells Quartz via email. “The Salvation Army in South Africa Africa endeavours to bring awareness to this huge problem and have two homes for Abused Women and Children, also Trafficked persons. This campaign helps this message to get out there.”