More than 20 people are dead in an attack on a Tunisian museum

Rescue workers outside  the Bardo Museum earlier today.
Rescue workers outside the Bardo Museum earlier today.
Image: AP Photo/Hassene Dridi
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The death toll from an attack on a Tunisian museum today has risen above 20, according to the latest AP report. Those killed include 17 foreign tourists, two attackers, and “a Tunisian security officer and a cleaning woman,” according to the AP. The attack is over but authorities are still looking for other gunmen involved.

During an earlier press conference, prime minister Habib Essid reportedly said 19 people had died because of the shooting at the National Bardo Museum, which is next to the Tunisian parliament building.

The parliament building was evacuated after gunmen fired shots and took some hostages. Libération reports (link in French). The hostages were all released, Reuters reports.

The AP has also released footage of the raid.

Tunisian Parliament member Sayida Ounissi was tweeting updates, detailing the panic and evacuation.

The translation, from Al Jazeera: ”The neighborhood is in the process of being cordoned off; there is one armed man, maybe several on the museum side, there has been exchange of gunfire and probably hostages.”

“In addition to deputies, the minister of justice, judges and many soldiers were in place.”

The cause of the attacks is still unclear, though people are speculating.

One Arab Spring activist noted that pro-ISIL Twitter accounts have welcomed the attack and congratulated the attackers.

The Arab Spring began in Tunisia. The country recently held its “first free presidential election,“  but ISIS has had success recruiting in the country, the New York Times notes.

The Guardian is also posting live updates.