Apparently, the dancers in Apple’s emoji have been wearing Playboy bunny ears all along

On them, iconic. For a supposedly progressive emoji set, ironic.
On them, iconic. For a supposedly progressive emoji set, ironic.
Image: AP Photo
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Apple’s new emoji have gotten a lot of attention lately. As part of updates to its iOS and Mac operating systems, the company has added new skin tones, same-sex parental units, and Spock’s live long and prosper gesture.

It also has been subtly tweaking emoji designs, clearly defining the features of some icons, such as the one of the two dancing girls. There’s no longer any ambiguity over the strange black things sticking out of their heads. Turns out these dancers have been sporting Playboy-style bunny ears all along.

Other small changes from iOS 8.2 to 8.3 make the dancers a little more, um, risque. Aside from the provocative headwear, the girls now have narrower frames, wear leotards with a slightly different cut, and are in a pose that appears to be more suggestive.

It is an interesting contrast that Apple is progressive enough to include same-sex couples in its emoji set, while its dancing girls are outfitted with a costume prop that some would say objectifies women and reinforces outdated ideas of their role in serving men.