The two guys who created it are Matt Giovanisci and Andrew Fiebert, who together hosted a personal finance podcast called Listen Money Matters. From the creators:

Rap music is chock full of really bad financial advice, from spending money on things you don’t need and can’t afford (i.e. Bentleys, Rolexes, etc.), and popping Cristal when Korbel will do. Kanye West and Jay-Z will probably never rap about living within your means and trumping the benefits of budgeting, but the boys at say, “if they won’t, we will.”

The two set out to teach people about money in a way that “wasn’t just two boring white dudes on the Internet spouting off about how they should be investing in Vanguard mutual funds,” Giovanisci told Quartz.

When Giovanisci first joined the podcast, he was deep in credit-card debt and was trying to launch a small business. He had no investments or savings and turned to Fiebert to help him learn about managing his money.

“The idea was to be fun, joke, curse, drink, and just be real people who happen to be sneaking in some personal finance information,” says Giovanisci.

Giovanisci, who says he’s gotten his personal finances in shape, is now pursuing other media businesses. But the Listen Money Matters podcast lives on. And it’s actually pretty good.

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