Apple will be making you switch to a six-digit password soon

All will be revealed after the bell.
All will be revealed after the bell.
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During its annual developer conference today, Apple previewed the next version of its mobile operating system, iOS 9. One of the areas of focus mentioned repeatedly was improved security. Starting in iOS 9, you will have to have a six-digit—rather than four-digit—passcode to get into your phone.

Apple says this is a change that ”you’ll hardly notice.” Many personal identification numbers, such as the ones associated with ATM cards, are often four digits. (Ironically, the man who invented the ATM originally wanted PIN codes to be six digits, but his wife suggested four would be easier to remember.)

The new, six-digit requirement will apply to all Apply devices enabled with TouchID, the company’s biometric fingerprint technology.

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Apple also is going to be introducing two-factor authentication, for when they sign into Apple services from a new browser or a new device.

After submitting their password, users will get a verification code sent to their device; they’ll have to enter this code before they’ll be able to access apps or services on the device. Google’s had this feature as an optional layer of security on its devices and services for years.