Attention hipsters: An Italian high-jumper is pioneering the “half beard” look

Don’t you just wanna hand him a razor?
Don’t you just wanna hand him a razor?
Image: Reuters / Phil Noble
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Why decide between clean-shaven and going full hipster beard when you can have both?

Italian high jumper Gianmarco Tamberi, who finished second in the men’s high jump competition on Saturday at London’s Diamond League track and field competition, has captivated spectators’ attention—not only because of his aerial talent, but also because of the half-beard he sports.

Tamberi debuted the look at the 2015 European Championships in March, but he has been playing with the idea since 2011, The Independent reports.

He has said that the unique facial hair is a good luck charm for him. And indeed, the half-beard brought Tamberi to a second-place finish—for which he cleared 2.28 meters (7.4 feet)—on Saturday and helped him to break the Italian world record on July 1, at 2.34 m, Sports Illustrated reports.