Varoufakis said that the so-called “Plan B Working Group” was authorized by prime minister Alexis Tsipras. But after sensitive details were discussed in the call, Varoufakis stopped to stress that “this is totally between us” and “I will deny I said it.” Business Insider has broken up some of the juicier parts of the call that deal with the alternative payment-system scheme.

On the call, he also discusses his theories about Germany punishing Greece as a roundabout way to “terrorize” France; his friendship with Tsipras, which he says endures despite his crossing the prime minister in a crucial parliamentary vote; and his refusal to take up a different ministry post (“I really love being a back-bencher—it gives me the opportunity to speak out”).

The Greek warrior

Also out today is a long profile of Varoufakis in the New Yorker, with new, behind-the-scenes details about his tenure as finance minister, described in the piece as having been conducted with “the air of a five-month-long TED talk.” A selection:

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