Video: Take a stroll along the Pacific Ocean floor with a robot

Robots and fish living in harmony.
Robots and fish living in harmony.
Image: NOAA/Creative Commons/Flickr
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In case you aren’t fortunate enough to spend the dog days of summer luxuriating on sandy beaches and diving into deep blue ocean waters, the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is offering a virtual alternative: a live stream of an NOAA robotic submarine exploring the great depths of the Pacific Ocean.

The recording, from yesterday (Aug. 11), shows the entirety of  the NOAA Okeanos Explorer ship’s mission to 2100 meters below sea level, with the help of two remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROVs). Quartz rewound the live stream to the point at which the ROV entered the ocean and accompanied it on its long descent and subsequent stroll along the ocean floor.

The Okeanos Explorer, which is traveling off the cost of Hawaii through Sept. 30, plans on live-streaming future dives. For now, as one of the NOAA researchers says in the video, you can “sit back, relax, and enjoy” this dive to the bottom of our world.